S No. Financial Year Date of Session Reference Topic (s) Covered Addressed By
1 2016-17 25-Jun-16 Insight on Professional Skepticism CA AK Roy, Partner
Ind AS-103 Business Combination Khadeer, Article
Highlights of Prevention of Money Laundering Rahul Agarwal & Neha Sharma - Articles
Cyber Security Sharoop, Article
2 2016-17 27-May-16 An overview of Ind AS CA Santosh Mehra, Renowned Speaker & Faculty
Application of "Excel" during audit Sravan Kumar,Article
Approach to Internal Financial Controls (IFC) CA Aditya
3 2016-17 16-Apr-16 Internal Finanacial Controls - Overview and application CA Sameer Mittal, Renowned Speaker
Ind AS-41 Agriculture Juhi, Article
4 2015-16 27-Feb-16 Ind AS-111 Joint Arrangements  Avinash, Article
Ind AS-101 First Time adoption of Indian Accounting Standards Urvashi, Article
Ind AS-23 Borrowing Costs  Rahul Bajaj, Article
Ind AS-24 Related Party Transactions Anusha, Article
5 2015-16 30-Jan-16 Ind AS-16 An overview on "Depreciation" wrt of Cos Act & Accounting Standards CA Vinay Agarwal, Asst. Manager
Ind AS-17 Leases Venugopal Rao
Approach to CA Final exams CA Aditya, CAPooja, & Venugopal 
Healthy eating & Healthy Living Ms. Deena Ruparel, Nestle India Ltd
6 2015-16 26-Dec-15 Listing Obligations & Disclosures requirements CA Pooja
AAS-315 &
(1) Understanding the entity and its environment & assessing the risks of material misstatement (2) Audit Materiality Urvashi, Article
7 2015-16 31-Oct-15 Ind AS-16 Property, Plant and Equipment Zehan, Article
Service Tax - Point of Taxation & Place of provision  Sharoop, Article
Central Excise CA Alok Agarwal, Renowned Speaker
Basics of SAP Bharat Asava & Priyanshu - Articles
8 2015-16 26-Sep-15 Internal Finanacial Controls (IFC) - Reporting CA AK Roy, Partner
Companies Act 2013 - Meetings of  Board & its powers CA Megha & Preeti (Article)
About CA Profession and its importance CA Vishwanath, Past President ICAI
9 2015-16 22-Aug-15 Ind AS-115 Revenue from Contracts Venugopal Rao
Comprehensive Approach to Statutory Audit CA Pooja
Overview on Service Tax CA Manindar, Renowned Speaker
10 2015-16 25-Jul-15 IFRS - Introduction  CA Mahesh Kumar
An insight on "Income Computation & Disclosure Standards (ICDS)" Ruchika, Ankit & Rahul Jain - Articles
11 2015-16 27-Jun-15 Ind AS - 23 & 21 An insight on borrowing costs & the effects of changes in Foreign Exchange Rates CA Mahesh Kumar
Drafting of reports CA Vinay Agarwal, Asst. Manager
Evaluation and Testing of Sales Area Komal Karda & Shreya - Articles
12 2015-16 23-May-15 Introduction to IFRS & first time adoption  CA Mahesh Kumar
Adoption of LnCo Standard Reporting Format CA Aditya & CA Vinay Agarwal
13 2015-16 25-Apr-15 Approach to Audit CA Dayaniwas Sharma, Partner
Discussion on "Listing Agreements" CA AK Roy, Partner
14 2014-15 28-Mar-15 Risk Management Mr. JH Rao - Renowned Speaker, ITC
15 2014-15 27-Dec-14 Tax Compliances & overview on returns filing- Direct Taxes CA Vijay Partner
Chapter - IX "Accounts of Companies" - Companies Act 2013 CA Pooja & Urvahsi (Article)
16 2014-15 11-Nov-14 Audit Documentation & Evidence CA Vinay Agarwal, Asst. Manager
Appointment & qualification of Directors Diksha & Komal - Articles
Audit & Auditors Mahesh Jhawar & Sharoop - Articles
Accounts of Companies CA Pooja & Urvahsi (Article)
17 2014-15 25-Oct-14 COSO Framework CA AK Roy, Partner
Meeting of Board & its power CA Mahesh Kumar
18 2014-15 13 & 14 Sep 14 AS 15, 19, 22, 30 & 31 CA Chiranjeev, Renowned Speaker & Faculty
19 2014-15 17-Jun-14 PF, ESI, PT Vidya & Shreya - Article
Gratuity CA Pooja & Komal, Article
Accounting Standards CA AK Roy, Partner
20 2014-15 16-Jun-14 TDS CA Vijay Singh, Partner
21 2014-15 8-May-14 Cash & Bank CA K.Sripad
22 2013-14 28-Mar-14 Cash & Bank CA K.Sripad
23 2013-14 5-Feb-14 Cash & Bank CA K.Sripad
24 2013-14 21-Dec-13 Domestic Transferpricing CA Shilpa Maniyar
25 2013-14 26-Sep-13 Cash & Bank Soniya &Vidya - Articles
26 2013-14 14-Sep-13 Report Writing CA K Sripad
27 2013-14 12-Sep-13 Internal Audit Report CA K Sripad
28 2013-14 5-Sep-13 Cash & Bank CA K Sripad
29 2013-14 3-Sep-13 CAAT CA K Sripad
30 2013-14 30-Aug-13 CAAT CA K Sripad
31 2013-14 29-Jun-13 TDS & Income Tax CA Vijay Singh, Partner
32 2013-14 28-Jun-13 BRS & Sampling CA K Sripad
S No. Financial Year Date of Session Topic (s) Covered Addressed By
1 2014-15 7-Feb-15 Lecture on Hurdles in Development of Debt Markets in India Dr. PT Ranjan
2 Probable Transitional issues under GST Implementation CA Sanjay Dhariwal
3 2014-15 27-Dec-14 Lecture on IFRS & Ind AS CA Abbas Ali Mirza - Partner, Deloitte, Dubai
CA PR Ramesh - Partner, Deloitte & Haskins
4 2014-15 2-Aug-14 Profession @ 65 and way forward CA MM Chintale, Past President of ICAI
5     Lecture on IFRS CA Abbas Ali Mirza- Partner, Deloitte, Dubai
6     Employment Opportunities for CA's & MBA's  CA Kalyan Sunder, Retd. GM, BOI
7 2013-14 15-Feb-14 Companies Act 2013  CA PR Ramesh - Partner, Deloitte & Haskins
8 2013-14 19-Sep-13 Globalization Of Accounting Standards CA Abbas Ali Mirza- Partner, Deloitte, Dubai
9 2013-14 21-Jun-13 State Of Indian Economy The New Prospects
And Employment Opportunities
P A Kalyan Sundar
10 2013-14 16-Feb-13 Governanace in Profession CA Vijay Kapur, Director Board of Studies, ICAI
CA Sri Ram, Partner BSR & Co.
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