Transaction advisory services

Transaction Advisory Services

  • Solutions to achieve strategic objectives across acquisitions, disposals, mergers and fund raising;
  • Developing an acquisition strategy or a merger rationale document that helps business owners and the board/CEO/management team articulate its inorganic growth strategy;
  • Rendering transactional support across the life cycle, which includes synergy assessment and integration support;
  • Building effective business models including financial models across all strategic opportunities for growth.

The approach adopted while undertaking the above entails the following:

  • Emphasis on the core strategy and unique value proposition, while outlining what is the problem being solved, especially during the initial stages of the deal;
  • Negotiating through ironing out the differences and talking specifics;
  • Minimizing risks that can disrupt businesses;
  • Being patient and persuasive to clinch a successful deal;
  • Paying attention to detail.

Due Diligence Services

  • Assessing the quality of earnings;
  • GAAP accounting & SEC reporting compliance;
  • Analysis of cash flows;
  • Balance sheet assets & liabilities review;
  • Identifying key business drivers, trends in profitability & risk concentrations;
  • Evaluation of management’s forecast;
  • Buy-side & sell-side diligence;
  • Organizational maturity diligence