Project finance refers to financing of long-term infrastructure and industrial projects based upon a complex financial structure where project debt and equity are used to finance the project, and debt is repaid using the cash flow generated by operation of the project, rather than the general assets or creditworthiness of the project sponsors.

We at LnCo work with both the public and private sectors on a range of procurement models including private finance initiatives and public private partnerships, creating and delivering bespoke solutions which can only be achieved by working in partnership with our clients.

By providing impartial advice "independent from financing sources" our multi-disciplinary project finance team acts as a single source of expertise for any transaction. This enables the client to use our sector insight and knowledge to leverage relationships with key players in banks, capital markets, institutional investors and government. Our clear understanding of current attitudes to credit, pricing and structure is balanced by our experience in both the public and private sectors and our understanding of different perspectives. Our decades of experience and excellent rapport with these institutions help our clients meet their financial needs without delays and with cost efficiencies.

We at LnCo. understand the strategy of our clients and render the best possible solutions to meet their financial requirements. Our Service includes

  • Feasibility studies
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Risk analysis
  • Drafting of project report
  • Negotiations with the financial institution
  • Liaison with the Banks & Financial institutions
  • Bid evaluation
  • Development of payment mechanism
  • Funding competitions and
  • Tax advice.
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