The financial services sector has been transformed in recent years and faces a unique set of risks and challenges. The effective management of risk in this complex sector requires the right combination of knowledge and experience.

Effective risk management is fundamental to maximising business performance. Risk Audit helps clients to embed robust, efficient risk management and provide ongoing assurance that it remains effective.

Our team is highly experienced in the assessment of process risk and control and use a rigorous approach to assess business processes. We can help you to identify and understand the inherent risks within key processes, and whether your existing controls are adequate and efficient in mitigating the risks (not only internal but also external risk).

L&Co's service can deliver procedures, manuals and training programmers, reinforce the corporate view of the way things should be done, improve communication and awareness of the control environment, and highlight non standard practices, ensuring a sharper focus on internal control.

Our risk strategy and governance service provides advice on overall risk management strategy, support in the development of policy and organization and the independent review of the effectiveness of risk management and internal control processes. We can support the generation of integration strategies for aligning economic and regulatory capital work streams, with special emphasis on proof of use assurance.

Our solutions are driven by our recognition that no two businesses are the same. Whatever your organisations existing risk management and assurance structure, we will use our robust framework of risk audit as a basis for a bespoke solution that fits your needs and delivers real value.

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