We, at LnCo, provide liaison services with the Registrar of Companies and other Company Law authorities and provide total assistance for Company Law matters and assistance for various commercial and legal documentation. When we take on such tasks, it frees the client to concentrate on your core business, in the knowledge that this area is compliant. Our involvement is flexible - we can take on a small role or a more complex process. Our services are bespoke to every firm we advise and include:

1. Advisory services on corporate laws, SEBI, FEMA and other allied laws.

2. Handling incorporation of new companies.

3. Providing assistance for mergers, amalgamation, absorption and external reconstruction scheme.

4. Drafting / reviewing agreements deeds and other incidental documents connected with corporate matters.

5. Secretarial services includes:

  • Incorporating Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Alteration of company names
  • Increasing, converting, subdividing or consolidating share capital and redeem or repurchase shares
  • Advising board and committee meetings, updating the minutes
  • Advising on corporate governance issues
  • Making alterations to Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Providing a compliance service to company secretaries for the certification.
  • Facilitating share transferring services
  • Preparing documents to effect share transfers
  • Taking care of the routine maintenance of statutory registers and deals with returns to Companies House.
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